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How to purchase pharmaceutical packaging machinery

what kind of packaging equipment is the ideal packaging equipment in the mind of Yangtse pharmaceutical? Taking the capsule filling equipment as an example, the relevant personnel of Yangtze River Pharmaceutical introduced the company's major focus on its selection

1. High cost performance. At present, the capsule filling equipment that can really achieve the above three points is mainly foreign equipment, but such equipment is usually very expensive. Therefore, Yangzi pharmaceutical hopes that domestic pharmaceutical machinery and equipment manufacturers can produce relevant equipment as soon as possible, so as to provide more high-quality packaging for more Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises

II. High degree of automation control. At present, some domestic equipment generally has the defect of low degree of automation. We can only rely on some experienced technicians who will usher in the new era of flexible electronic technology. Once the personnel are lost, it will have a serious impact on the enterprise. Therefore, highly automated equipment has become the favorite of Yangzi pharmaceutical. Employees only need to master some key data, and these equipment are usually simple to operate, so that the upper pressure plate installed on the screw moves up and down with the screw, with high speed and efficiency

III. high grade mechanical equipment and materials. Due to the chemical composition in the drug, it is very easy to react in the process of contacting with the equipment. Therefore, higher requirements are put forward for mechanical materials. Stainless steel with strong inertia is favored by the company. At present, most of the accessories of the equipment selected by the company are made of 316L stainless steel, which is significantly higher than 304L stainless steel commonly used in China, and is more inert than the latter, ensuring the safety and health of the production and packaging process

IV. ensure stable product quality. In terms of the core technology of capsules and future material filling, Yangtze River pays the most attention to the filling accuracy and quality stability control. For example, the g140 capsule filling machine currently used by the company is very prominent in ensuring the stability of drug quality. It is equipped with an automatic sampling and measurement monitoring system. The system samples and measures the quality of capsule filling every once in a while to eliminate unqualified ones in time, And automatically print out the sampled data, which plays a supervisory role in ensuring product quality and ensuring the stability of product quality

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