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How to quickly improve the effect of enterprise network marketing

at present, the total number of small and medium-sized enterprises in China has accounted for more than 99% of the total number of enterprises in the country, which shows how fierce the market competition of enterprises will be in the next few years! Network marketing has also become a shortcut for many small and medium-sized enterprises to explore the market. However, it is precisely because many enterprises have entered the misunderstanding of network marketing that they fail to achieve the desired results in the implementation process, which has hit the promising enterprises and even denied the importance of network marketing. It has also more or less affected the development of network marketing, which is the most promising marketing means. This paper will combine the author's practical experience with the characteristics of the enterprise station to exchange some network marketing tools with you, as well as the characteristics and functions of these marketing tools

the concept of network marketing is becoming more and more popular. Many small and medium-sized enterprises are aware of the importance of network marketing, and have set foot in network promotion, hoping to rely on network marketing to obtain greater market share and enhance their competitiveness. All network marketing strategies and schemes are implemented on the basis of enterprise stations. Building enterprise stations is also the most basic step of network marketing. According to the survey data of an authoritative organization, there are about 700000 enterprise domain names in China. However, compared with the number of more than 30 million small and medium-sized enterprises in China, this figure is still very small. What's more, quite a number of domain names are abandoned. Even in the domain names in normal use, there are still a large number of enterprise stations that are sick and die hard, and have not played their marketing value. What are the reasons for the low effect of network marketing in small and medium-sized enterprises? How to quickly improve the effect and conversion rate of network marketing? Small and medium-sized enterprises must know the three network marketing tools to answer your questions

I: blog or forum ---- the most convenient way of online marketing

Weibo (microblog) is one of the most popular concepts in the current Internet, and its predecessor is blog. There are countless service providers providing free blog platforms in China. You can choose Sina, Sohu, Baidu, etc. The author suggests registering multiple blog addresses and updating them synchronously, so as to maximize the marketing effect of blogs. Blog marketing refers to the way that enterprises communicate with customers through blogs, and promote specific products or release information. There are many ways of blog marketing, which can be advertised in celebrity blogs, or spread in the form of celebrity recommended products. We can also set up a blog marketing team within the enterprise to carry out targeted virus marketing and stimulate customers' desire to buy

forum marketing makes use of the forum's high popularity to effectively provide marketing communication services for enterprises. Especially in some industrial forums, the marketing effect is often beyond expectation. With the openness of working with customers on forum topics, almost all marketing appeals of enterprises can be effectively realized through forum communication; Its openness will often become the fatal wound of forum marketing. If it is careless, it is easy to be attacked by other groups and vilified by competitors. Forum marketing is the easiest way to carry out network marketing and the lowest conversion rate. It is undoubtedly the most direct way to set topics and cause topic discussions in the forum. Forum marketing needs long-term and unremitting persistence of enterprises, so as to play a real value. Once you have enough prestige and trust in an industry forum, you can easily obtain a steady stream of customers and business opportunities. The forum can combine text, pictures, videos and other methods. Moreover, the industry forum itself has gathered a large number of target customer groups, which can convey the enterprise product promotion information in various forms at the first time. Many sensational events on the Internet are also spread through forum marketing, which is enough to prove the powerful power of forum marketing

the core of blog and forum marketing is to create topics to attract the attention of target customer groups. Through the guidance of words or other content, customers can participate in the discussion of topics, and guide the development of topic discussion to the benefit of the enterprise itself. The number of page views, the number of interactive people and the duration of the topic are the basis for marketing effect evaluation. For local service enterprises, it is also a good choice to set up blog and Forum Accounts in local portals and information ports; If the customer is a nationwide enterprise, you can choose some professional blogs and forums according to your industry. Alibaba and HC are the most commonly used comprehensive service platforms for enterprise network marketing, and both provide free blogs and forums for enterprises to use

II: enterprise customer service tools - quickly improve the conversion rate of network marketing

there are no suitable customer service tools. Even if the cost of network marketing is large, the marketing conversion rate will be very low. How to let customers contact the enterprise in the first time, how to make customers know more about the enterprise products more conveniently, and how to obtain more information about potential customers are the issues that enterprise network marketing should pay attention to. I have found that some enterprise stations often leave only a fixed number, and there is often no answer when they call; Some enterprise stations even leave numbers, which makes it difficult for customers to have a sense of trust and thus miss business opportunities. How to improve the conversion rate of network marketing? Let customers be willing to contact us actively, which is the key! The importance of customer service tools is self-evident

it is suggested that the enterprise stations should leave the contact information of some instant messaging tools so that customers with potential needs can take the initiative to contact them after seeing them. For example, MSN, Aliwangwang, and huicongfa are instant messaging tools. Nowadays, instant messaging tools are almost a must for the people, and everyone has them. Among them, the penetration rate is the most extensive, and it is also one of the most commonly used marketing tools for station customer service. In addition, the 400 can enhance the corporate image and greatly improve the advertising effect. It is also one of the necessary marketing tools for enterprises. However, to apply for 400, you must choose an officially authorized agent like "speed 400". 400 is not expensive. It only costs a few hundred yuan a year. Don't choose a small agent or apply for a network version 400 because you save twoorthree yuan. In this way, there will be many problems in the later period, and the gains outweigh the losses. For example, Sohu, Alibaba and HC have also recommended the speed 400. The fundamental reason is that the speed power provides the physical fixed line 400, which has no problem in security and stability. Please refer to the detailed description for the 400 related issues

in addition, there are some customer service tools in the market, such as 53KF and TQ, which are used to initiate dialogue actively. You can start page dialogue without using any tools. These tools were very popular in the past few years, but there are also some limitations, so the author will not introduce these tools. If the enterprise station has a demand, you can also try it

III: Station Statistics System ---- understand, analyze and track the network marketing effect

station traffic statistics is an indispensable tool for small and medium-sized enterprises' network marketing. Through the traffic statistics system, you can clearly see the promotion effect of your own station, and it is also one of the important credentials to evaluate the network marketing effect. Station traffic statistics is a new user behavior analysis technology that systematically analyzes the visitor's access information, such as the visitor's access source, access time and access content, and then summarizes some common data, such as visitor's access source, hobby trend and access habits, to guide the further adjustment of the station. Especially in the implementation process of enterprise network marketing, if the business is launched and various control modes can smoothly switch advertising, the transformation effect of each advertising source can be well analyzed through the station statistics system

simply put, the station statistics system can tell you where customers come from, how to find your station, whether they come from the search engine or from the ads of which station? From the enterprise blog, or from which forum to actively integrate the advantageous resources of both enterprises and local governments? What content they saw and how long they stayed in your station, and they can directly count which words the customers came to from the search engine. Understanding this information has a key impact on the formulation and improvement of the network marketing plan in the later stage of the enterprise. The statistics market of the station is full of flames. In July, baidu also launched the statistics system, making the market more competitive. At present, the mainstream statistical systems used by domestic users include googleanalytics (Google), baidu statistics, cnzz and 51la. These four statistical systems are free and monopolize about 87% of the market share. Among them, googleanalytics under Google is too specialized for professionals. Considering that small and medium-sized enterprises generally do not have a special network marketing department, it is recommended to use cnzz statistics with the best usability in the early stage. The station address is very convenient for application and opening

the author believes that Baidu statistics is the most suitable for enterprises. Baidu statistics belongs to Baidu's independent research and development. They also plan to carry out a crowdfunding activity in June this year to provide customers promoted by Baidu. Now they have opened applications for free. Enterprises may wish to try their advertising conversion rate monitoring function. Others, such as 51yes, dimension statistics and quantum statistics (the original Yahoo! Statistics) also have their own characteristics. For example, dimension statistics can analyze mouse tracks, and quantum statistics is suitable for Taobao stores

although Internet marketing has the characteristics of low cost, wide range and strong interaction, the biggest feeling of many small and medium-sized enterprises after launching Internet marketing is that it has no effect! What are the factors that lead to the poor marketing effect of small and medium-sized enterprises? It is found that many owners of small and medium-sized enterprises think that the construction of the station is equivalent to the development of network marketing. However, the station is only the foundation and foundation. How to make the enterprise station play its due value is what the enterprise should pay attention to most! Starting with the network marketing mode, marketing effect transformation tools and network marketing monitoring tools, this paper expounds some experience of enterprise network marketing, hoping to provide some help and guidance to enterprise owners

of course, there are many other ways to improve the effect of online marketing, such as Baidu promotion, but its cost performance and investment cost are unbearable for many small and medium-sized enterprises, so I won't go into details. The fundamental reason why small and medium-sized enterprises are far away from network marketing is that they do not get practical benefits from network marketing. Empty talk about the advantages and industry prospects of network marketing can not make network marketing really go deep into small and medium-sized enterprises

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