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How to promote the "second half" of returning to work and production

as the domestic epidemic prevention and control situation continues to improve and the production and living order is speeded up to recover, enterprises also press the acceleration button to resume work and production. Recently, I visited enterprises in Hangzhou, Wenzhou, Jinhua and other places in Zhejiang Province and learned that since the resumption of work after the Lantern Festival, the government has intensively introduced supporting policies to help enterprises return to work and reach production capacity in many aspects, such as helping them return to their posts, reducing burden, and improving logistics. Meanwhile, enterprises have also taken the initiative to work overtime to catch up with orders and ensure the market

as the resumption of work and production entered the second half, many common difficulties in the early stage were alleviated, while some new problems began to emerge: the lack of personnel in key posts restricted the further improvement of production capacity, the supporting small and micro enterprises were not synchronized in reaching production capacity, and the spread of the epidemic abroad added variables. Based on the interview with the basic cadres and entrepreneurs, they believed that at present, we should focus on reality, and the joint efforts of government and enterprises should focus on highlighting difficulties and making precise decisions, Realize real resumption of production while returning to work

on February 26, at the bus station in Danzhai County, Guizhou Province, migrant workers took a special bus to Anji County, Zhejiang Province

Xinhua News Agency (photographed by panhuangquan)

government and enterprises work together to fight the epidemic and tide over the difficulties

please take your temperature and register relevant information. Thank you for your cooperation. At the gate of Zhejiang Zhucheng Technology Co., Ltd., two party members and cadres of Yueqing water supply group are guiding and helping the enterprise to do a good job in epidemic prevention. Zhangjiandao, general manager of the company, said: with the guidance of the staff stationed in the enterprise, we will be more relieved and confident to resume work and production

Zhucheng technology is located in Yueqing City, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, which is known as the capital of electrical appliances in China. The company takes home appliances and automobile connectors as its main products, and achieved sales of about 380million yuan in 2019

affected by the COVID-19, the construction started this year not only more than half a month later than in previous years, but also faced the big problem that it was difficult for employees to arrive at their posts for a while. Zhang said

to return to work, we must first solve the human problem. Zhaoxiaoyun, deputy director of Yueqing Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology, said that after learning about the common difficulties faced by local enterprises, relevant departments immediately carried out research, coordinated and organized bus companies to help them pick up employees from Guizhou and other places where the epidemic was relatively stable and the employment was concentrated

not only in Yueqing, on the evening of February 16, the first customized return train for migrant workers in China arrived at Hangzhou east station from Guiyang North Station, bringing back nearly 300 Guizhou migrant workers in Zhejiang; Yongkang City organized buses to take back more than a thousand workers from Zhenxiong, Yunnan across most of China; Jiashan County even organized charter flights to help Sichuan Guangyuan employees return to work. Zhang Jiandao said that at present, the company's production capacity has recovered to about 85%. In the fight against the epidemic, Midea and other customers downstream of the company's industrial chain provided electrical equipment for Wuhan fangcang hospital. Therefore, the company must work overtime to ensure the supply of parts and components and make a contribution to the fight against the epidemic

affected by the epidemic, a large number of enterprises felt unprecedented pressure at the beginning of the new year. Since March, Zhejiang has helped enterprises create a better environment by promoting the implementation of policies to fill vacancies and implement policies. For example, Zhejiang vigorously implemented the "five reductions" action of government, bank and enterprise cooperation to overcome difficulties. Only the annual plan of tax reduction reduced the cost and burden of enterprises by 270billion yuan. In Pujiang County, Jinhua, the local government launched a campaign for thousands of cadres to join hundreds of enterprises, and sent service teams led by section level cadres to 528 key enterprises in the county to help enterprises solve problems and implement epidemic prevention work one-on-one. At present, about 680 problems have been collected and more than 410 problems have been solved

on the one hand, the government continues to create a better environment, on the other hand, its own efforts have also enabled many enterprises to burst out vitality in the face of adversity. Through the accumulated investment of more than 30million yuan in digital factory construction, the third factory of Zhejiang Zhaofeng electromechanical Co., Ltd. reduced the number of workers from 380 to 80, and the per capita output value increased from 850000 yuan to 2.8 million yuan

Zhejiang wansai Auto Parts Co., Ltd. has also tasted the benefits of intelligent transformation. Zhouliqiao, the company's administrative manager, said that the early investment in automation equipment and digital systems has largely alleviated the recruitment problems caused by the epidemic. Our established sales target will not be adjusted. New orders have been scheduled for June

in the second half of the resumption of production, new and old problems are intertwined to be solved.

recently, I saw in the production workshop of Shaoxing Qibin Glass Co., Ltd. that workers are operating equipment on the assembly line, and pieces of glass products are about to be loaded and transported to Ningbo, Wenzhou, Taizhou and other places in the province. More than half a month ago, the production raw material inventory was once in a hurry, which made the company's leaders extremely anxious

Zhang Qi, deputy general manager of Shaoxing Qibin Glass Co., Ltd., said that once the glass furnace was shut down, it would take at least eight months to restart it, which would bring direct losses of tens of millions of yuan to the company

after learning about the difficulties of the enterprise, Shaoxing port and shipping department immediately went to the logistics terminal with the staff of Taoyan street, Yuecheng District, where the enterprise belongs, for on-site assistance and guidance to help prepare materials for resumption of work. It was verified on site that NCC, which was founded in 2012, currently covers an area of 17500m2, and instructed the person in charge of the terminal to apply for resumption of work. It took only about 4 hours to complete the approval. On the same day, more than 1500 tons of dolomite were successfully transported to the production line by water, which solved the urgent needs of the enterprise

during the visit, we learned that the contradictions such as poor logistics and short supply of transport capacity in the early stage have been gradually alleviated. For example, Ningbo Zhoushan port, which has the largest cargo throughput in the world, uses big data to accurately classify truck drivers from other places, so as to speed up their return to work while ensuring the implementation of epidemic prevention and improve the port's transport capacity. However, problems such as the difficult return of employees in core positions and the slow return to production of outsourcing supporting enterprises have become increasingly prominent, which have become factors restricting the further improvement of production capacity

it is difficult for employees in key positions to return to their posts to restrict productivity improvement. Many enterprises reported that the failure of Hubei employees, especially senior executives and technical backbones, to arrive at their posts had an irreparable impact on the enterprise's production capacity in a short time. Chenchunliang, chairman of Taibang Electric Machinery Industry Group Co., Ltd., said that about 1000 total employees of the company have been on duty more than 700, and the production capacity has recovered to about 70%. However, among the more than 110 Hubei employees who have not been on duty, there are more than 20 senior executives and technical backbones, which has a certain impact on the further improvement of production capacity of technology intensive enterprises such as Taibang

yeshengkang, chairman of Hengfengtai Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., said that precision reducer products require high precision. Skilled assemblers generally need to be trained for three to five years. The lack of employees in core positions cannot be solved by new recruits in a short time

the lack of coordination and supporting facilities in the industrial chain will affect the full resumption of production. Hongjie, a staff member of the economic operation section of Hangzhou Xiaoshan Economic and Information Technology Bureau, said that some relatively large-scale enterprises in the area generally reflected that the upstream raw material suppliers and supporting auxiliary material enterprises had not started work, which made it difficult for enterprises with few reserves of raw materials and supporting auxiliary materials to ensure continuous production; Some enterprises in the downstream of the industrial chain did not start work, resulting in a serious backlog of inventory in some enterprises

chenchunliang said that some small and micro enterprises engaged in outsourced processing have been delayed in returning to work due to insufficient staff and high epidemic prevention pressure. They not only sent personnel to give guidance on returning to work and epidemic prevention, but even moved processing equipment to their own factory for processing and production

the international epidemic spread interferes with the expectations of foreign trade enterprises. At present, the epidemic situation in Italy, South Korea, Iran and other countries is becoming increasingly severe, which has a great impact on the expectations of foreign trade enterprises. Some enterprises, especially those with a high degree of internationalization, face many difficulties in carrying out various businesses abroad; At the same time, some large-scale enterprises' investment projects abroad face the risk of project progress stagnation because domestic employees cannot go out

grasp the key links and effectively promote the real resumption of production

the interviewed grass-roots cadres and entrepreneurs believe that economic development has its own laws. Affected by the epidemic, the restoration of the entire ecological chain from raw material supply, production and manufacturing to the consumer market needs a process. An entrepreneur interviewed said: the most difficult time has passed. In the next step, I hope to grasp the key links and help the enterprise to really resume production while resuming work

continue to help enterprise employees, especially those in core positions, return to their posts. Zhang Jiandao said that the implementation of epidemic prevention is not only a key link for enterprises to return to work, but also an important part of fulfilling the social responsibility. However, we hope to get more support for the accurate resumption of work at different levels. For example, by introducing the scientific system assessment of disease control and other departments, enterprises are allowed to take back employees from Hubei Province, where the epidemic situation is relatively stable, point-to-point in a relatively safe way, such as car chartering. After arriving, enterprises strictly implement epidemic prevention measures and ensure that employees take up their posts as soon as possible after isolation and observation

focus on helping supporting enterprises in the industrial chain to return to work. Zhouliqiao said that due to the shortage of on-the-job employees in the upstream steel sheet processing enterprises, the enterprises have sent 8 employees to Ningbo to help them resume production. It is suggested that the next step should focus on the status of small and micro supporting enterprises with low risk resistance and slow self recovery, and ensure that the industrial chain is not broken while promoting the organic renewal of the industry

financial precision drip irrigation small and micro enterprises. Daixiafei, President of Shaoxing Branch of Bank of Taizhou, said that under the influence of the current epidemic, the financial pressure of enterprises has increased, and many small and micro enterprises cannot fully meet their loan needs due to the lack of collateral. It is suggested to further increase the inclusive coverage of financial preferential policies, and give a hand to small and micro enterprises with market, technology and the ability to resume production and operation

the head of international business of Jinhua Branch of Agricultural Bank of China said that foreign trade enterprises are basically asset light enterprises, and the lack of research on the collateral using chromium oxide grinding paste and insufficient working capital are the bottleneck of enterprise financing. In view of the temporary capital shortage of enterprises, it is suggested to expand RMB cross-border financing channels through the linkage of domestic and foreign branches to provide support for enterprise development

we will have the latest products in each market field to meet the market demand, develop diversified markets and tap the potential of domestic demand. Chenguangsheng, Deputy Secretary General of the Zhejiang provincial government, said that Zhejiang Province, focusing on leading foreign trade enterprises exporting more than 10million US dollars, has spared no effort to restore the production of affiliated enterprises, supported enterprises to diversify and expand the international market, and promoted the restoration of the whole industrial chain with the restoration of the production of leading enterprises. Kongaixiang, chairman of Zhejiang Zhaofeng electromechanical Co., Ltd., suggested that in the case of the spread of the epidemic in foreign countries and the decline of customers' ability to perform their contracts, we should give full play to the role of export credit insurance to eliminate worries for foreign trade enterprises in fulfilling their orders and contracts

the epidemic is a challenge for all enterprises, but it is also an opportunity to force transformation and upgrading. According to zhouyuanshuang, director of the president's office of Fuda alloy materials Co., Ltd., after the epidemic, more and more enterprises will enhance their sense of hardship, and will also boost more enterprises to strengthen technological transformation and R & D

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