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How to protect the warehouse of the South printing factory from moisture after the continuous rain

in recent years, continuous rainfall has swept the whole south, and most of the printing plants are paper products, which will directly affect the printing quality and physical properties in case of excessive humidity

then, what should the printing factory do to reduce the losses caused by the rainy season

I. place neatly

generally speaking, the paper and products should be placed neatly, and a large gap should be left between the card boards to facilitate air circulation. If the paper and products are piled up disorderly, and there is no gap between the card boards, it will be easily affected by moisture

when the weather is sunny and the outdoor air humidity is lower than the air humidity in the warehouse, it is necessary to open the windows to speed up the indoor air circulation, or the creep speed is zero to discharge the moisture in the warehouse

II. Regularly check the cards

some cards will be damaged during use, so the paper will directly contact the ground, thus absorbing the earth atmosphere and causing the paper to be damp

the height of the card board must be more than 10cm, and the material of the card board also has requirements. It is best to use a whole flat plate, so as to reduce the contact between the paper and the moisture, so as to achieve the moisture-proof effect

III. the surrounding film should be solid.

some products have high requirements. In order to protect them, but most of these orders are chicken ribs. It should be noted that the membrane should be tightly enclosed, not only a thin layer, otherwise it will not play the role of protection against moisture

in addition, when enclosing the film, the card board should also be enclosed. Only in this way can the contact between water vapor and paper be blocked to the greatest extent. At the same time, if the whole sheet of paper is not used up after unpacking, it should be sealed with a film in time to reduce the contact time between the paper and the humid air

IV. control the air humidity.

the warehouse is relatively closed with few windows, so ventilation equipment, such as exhaust fans, can be used in the warehouse. Of course, quicklime, hygroscopic agent and other items can be used to prevent the wet air from damaging the paper

of course, if there are conditions, it is best to configure a dehumidifier. This is a professional equipment for dealing with humidity. It adopts the freezing dehumidification technology, which has fast dehumidification speed, simple and convenient operation, and can prevent humidity and reduce air humidity

in a word, the moisture-proof method of the printing factory warehouse is to check whether the correction or calibration function of the software is used before difficulties occur; There are many. The above mentioned methods are only common. If you have any suggestions, Chinese enterprises often introduce foreign technology to update or better the first generation products. Please leave a message for discussion

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