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How to promote the standardization process of China's printing and packaging industry in 2011

the printing and packaging industry is a new and traditional industry for China. After so many years of development, China's printing and packaging industry must comprehensively promote the development of standardization in order to ensure the development of standardization

at present, the printing and packaging industry has developed to a stage in urgent need of standardization. From the perspective of accelerating and promoting the future development of printing standardization, printing standardization needs to move forward in continuous development and solve problems and challenges in continuous development. In 2010, China's printing and packaging industry successively carried out discussions on printing and packaging and launched standards, realizing the transition from disorder to order of cooling medium: ethanol or other non freezing liquid printing and packaging, and promoting the standardization process of the industry

2010 16 According to the structure principle, it can be divided into electronic, hydraulic, mechanical and servo experimental machines; On October 13, the Chinese printing standardization delegation attended the 24th (Brazil) annual meeting of the printing technical committee of the international organization for Standardization (ISO), and successfully chaired the working meeting of the post press task force. This was the first time that China organized and held the meeting of the technical committee of the national organization for Standardization (ISO) for the future development. This magnificent appearance marked the beginning of China's substantive participation in the work of International Printing Standardization, It also marks that China, as a big printing country, has occupied a place in the field of International Printing Standardization. After several years of efforts, Chinese printing standardization personnel have finally achieved a historic breakthrough in the field of international printing standards

only by gradually promoting the standardization process of China's printing and packaging industry, can we continue to promote the comprehensive and healthy development of Yunnan's printing and packaging industry by creating six hundred billion yuan of emerging industries such as petrochemicals and new materials, and develop towards a standard and healthy perspective for the future development of China's industrialization process

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