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How to promote the sustainable development of China's flexible packaging equipment industry

in recent years, China's flexible packaging industry has developed rapidly. At the same time, it has also strongly promoted the progress of daily chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries. In turn, the progress of these industries has further stimulated the market demand for flexible packaging. Flexible packaging is playing an increasingly important role in many fields. However, from the perspective of the industry, the rapid development of the product industry and the relatively slow development of basic industries such as packaging machinery and packaging raw materials are the main constraints to improve the grade rate of cathode products. In the new century, the deepening of the world economic adjustment and the transformation of the sustainable development strategy are the general background for the world industrial change to fill in or select the corresponding parameters according to the requirements, and also the background for the environmental change of the soft packaging industry. To adapt to the changes brought about by this change, China's soft packaging equipment manufacturing industry must adhere to scientific and technological innovation and vigorously develop the packaging equipment industry

10 years ago, the development of China's flexible packaging equipment benefited from technological innovation.

10 years ago, China's flexible packaging mainly relied on a large number of imported flexible packaging printing and compounding equipment from Japan, South Korea and European and American countries. In the past decade, China's flexible packaging equipment manufacturers have digested, absorbed and cooperated in technology on the basis of introducing foreign equipment, and further developed and innovated. The manufacturing level and equipment performance have achieved rapid development. Mainly manifested in:

1 Equipment varieties and specifications are becoming more and more complete. The products have developed from the original single variety (plastic) to decorative paper, thick paper printing and paper plastic dual-purpose printing; The printing width of the product is expanded from 700mm ~ 1250mm to 1500mm ~ 2500mm, which is suitable for various printing materials (film, paper, composite materials and other soft materials); The printing speed has developed from 120m/min ~ 200m/min to 300m/min; The printing color group ranges from 6 colors to 13 colors

2. The functions are continuously improved and the degree of automation is continuously improved. The design structure of the whole machine has various functions of foreign advanced models, and some equipment has approached and reached the level of imported equipment. Domestic equipment has high cost performance and increasingly obvious competitive advantage. According to relevant statistics, in 2005, the proportion of domestic equipment was much higher than that of equipment from other places of origin in the configuration of common equipment for flexible packaging production, such as printing machine, laminating machine, film making machine, etc

3. Domestic flexible packaging equipment is rapidly replacing imports, while export growth is encouraging. In China, some backbone packaging and printing enterprises that originally used imported equipment began to use domestic equipment, and took the procurement of domestic equipment as a basic direction of future investment. In terms of export, traditional Japanese and Korean equipment users such as Southeast industries, India and Pakistan have gradually recognized the equipment exported by China. In the past three years, the sales of products of enterprises such as Shaanxi beiren in the Southeast Asian market have shown a rapid growth momentum

4. The concept of development and innovation is changing, and the speed of integrating with the world is accelerating. In terms of product design concept, it is in line with international new technology, and pays attention to short version, humanization and environmental protection. For example, from the perspective of electronic shaft transmission technology, the world's first electronic shaft gravure printing machine came out in Italy in 1997, and the first domestic electronic shaft gravure printing machine was born in 2003. There is only a few years' gap with foreign products. In addition, the safety and environmental protection equipment has also achieved gratifying results

5. It has cultivated, trained and cultivated a team of innovative managers and innovative scientific and technological personnel, providing human resources for the next development of China's flexible packaging

behind the remarkable progress is the leading role of technological innovation. The whole industry attaches great importance to technological innovation, and a number of outstanding innovative enterprises have emerged, such as Shaanxi beiren, Zhongshan Songde, Weinan Kesai electronics, etc., which have promoted the healthy development of China's flexible packaging

practice and Enlightenment of technological innovation of Shaanxi beiren printing machine company

strengthen secondary innovation on the basis of introduction, digestion and absorption. The development of China's gravure machine manufacturing industry in the past decade has experienced three landmark events: first, in 1993, Japan introduced and assembled gravure machine manufacturing technology and produced prototypes, marking that China has entered the era of producing automatic or semi-automatic medium and high speed (> 120 m/min) gravure machines; Second, in 2003, the domestic gravure printing machine with a speed of 300 meters/minute was born, marking that China has entered a new stage of manufacturing high-speed gravure printing machines; Thirdly, the application of shaftless transmission technology marks that the ability of our printing equipment to compete with the international market has been greatly improved. In these three landmark events, Shaanxi beiren printing machine Co., Ltd. is the main participant and promoter, playing a leading role. At present, the prototype made by Shaanxi north development team is only the result of four and a half months' research and development. In 1993, the company introduced a full set of manufacturing technology of Fuji FX-6 gravure printing machine in Japan. On this basis, it digested and absorbed, and made secondary innovation. In 1997, it developed the first domestic unit type gravure printing machine, and then launched new products and achievements every year. In the innovation of high-speed gravure printing machine, Shaanxi beiren printing machine Co., Ltd. has always led the market trend. The leading product, azj series unit type high-speed gravure printing press, is the first brand in this field in China. It has been rated as a "famous brand product" in Shaanxi Province, won the title of "national customer satisfaction product", and has been recognized by domestic high-end users. The domestic market share has always been in the leading position. It has changed the situation of completely relying on imports in the past, and the export situation is also very gratifying. The market drives technological progress, and technological innovation drives market development. Technological innovation must reflect market orientation and market demand. Social demand and foreign exchange earning through export are the basic starting points of development. Only when the "interaction" between technology and market is formed, the direction of product development will be more clear. First, pay close attention to the potential demand of the market. It is a typical example in the product development and market promotion of decorative paper, tipping paper, cardboard, cigarette packaging machine. In combination with the integration of the national tobacco industry, a large number of market research and technical reserves were carried out for the cigarette packaging industry in 2003. In 2004, high-end tipping paper printing machines and cigarette packaging printing machines were timely launched, providing a choice for the printing and packaging enterprises and adding new economic growth points to the company. The second is to establish a strategic cooperation relationship with users and take the new needs of users as the innovation direction of the original imported cascade compressor unit. Many high-end customers in China used to use imported equipment, which has high requirements for equipment performance and strong foresight in innovation direction. Shaanxi beiren printing machine Co., Ltd. has received a lot of useful suggestions and opinions in cooperation with them, accelerating the integration of products with international advanced technology in terms of design ideas, man-machine engineering, manufacturing concepts, etc

strengthen exchanges and cooperation, and use various resources to promote innovation. For international cooperation, it has successively cooperated and conducted technical exchanges with famous enterprises such as Fuji, Sumitomo Industries Co., Ltd., Siemens, and baccalais, Austria. The developed shaftless (electronic shaft) transmission technology has accelerated the pace of international convergence. A 300m/min shaftless (electronic axis) high-speed gravure printing machine has been launched, which represents the highest level of manufacturing technology in China. It is known as the "real domestic high-speed machine" and has been successfully sold to Saudi Arabia

in the way of combining production, learning and research, it has carried out multi-level and all-round cooperation with colleges and universities and scientific research institutes to jointly tackle key technologies and core technologies. The key technology jointly developed with universities - tension control system has ended the long history of relying on imports, shortened the production cycle and greatly reduced the cost. The cooperation with a university in Xi'an has formed a good situation. A master of engineering training course has been specially set up in the college, which provides a guarantee for improving the professional ability of technical personnel

hold new product demonstration. Since 1997, the company has held new product demonstration meetings every year and invited industry experts, domestic and foreign partners and users to visit and exchange with the factory. The purpose is not only to show the new achievements of the enterprise, but also to further understand and master the new trends, new technologies and new customer needs of the industry through exchanges

the key to technological innovation is to have a team of talents who are willing to innovate. Create an environment and culture conducive to innovation. Encourage and guide employees to innovate, give space to innovators, allow innovation to fail, and allow innovation to be imperfect; For successful innovation, timely and proportionate rewards shall be given

in the use of technical personnel, a series of positive measures have been taken successively, and a set of incentive system that is in line with the market and suitable for scientific researchers has been established. From the implementation of the policy of "focusing on completing the tasks in the plant, supplemented by the four technologies (technical service, technical consultation, technology transfer and technical exchange)" to the implementation of the one-stop contract system for new product development, production and sales, and then to the implementation of the internal expert appointment system in difficult times, the annual income of scientific researchers has been increased, and the annual per capita income of technical personnel is 3-5 times that of the company's employees, which has stabilized the team, It also has a strong incentive effect

in terms of training, many technical elites have been sent to Japan and Germany for research and exhibition, providing sufficient opportunities for international technical exchange. Cooperate with colleges and universities and scientific research institutions to set up master's courses for scientific and technological personnel, and constantly improve everyone's technical level and innovation ability

technological innovation is not a one-man show of scientific and technological personnel. In order to stimulate the wisdom potential and enterprising spirit of each employee, the salary system is reformed and integrated, and the distribution is inclined to the skilled craftsman, so that the income of employees is linked to their work performance. The subsidy system for top-notch technical talents, skilled workers and management backbones has been implemented in management posts and production lines, which has mobilized the enthusiasm and creativity of employees who dare to innovate and are happy to innovate, and provided strong human resources for independent innovation and accelerated development

in the new historical stage of building a harmonious society, it is more necessary to adhere to innovation

China's packaging industry, as an emerging pillar industry of the national economy, plays an important role in improving people's quality of life, prospering the market, expanding exports, attracting employees' employment and promoting economic development in the process of building a harmonious society in an all-round way. In view of the gap between the technical performance of domestic gravure printing packaging equipment and that of foreign developed countries (especially Europe), such as the reliability still needs to be improved, the lack of independent development capacity, the lack of products with independent intellectual property rights, the monopoly of high-end soft packaging equipment market by imported equipment, and the lack of technical professionals, we should recognize the situation, continue to study and innovate, so as to meet the new requirements of the soft packaging industry

think about innovation from a long-term and international perspective. A long-term perspective is the basic point of innovation, and innovation should meet the needs of the country's long-term development. The development of domestic gravure printing machine benefited from the introduction and learning of Japanese technology. However, the almost uniform imitation limits our vision and thinking to a great extent. Therefore, we should have the long-term vision and courage to improve and innovate. The competitive platform should be placed in the international perspective. An enterprise is like a competitor standing on the same starting line in the market. It must be clear about its own and competitors, and aim at the latest scientific and technological achievements in the world

cultivate and bring up a high-quality talent team with creative spirit. Talent is the key to innovation. Talent concept, scale, benefit, enterprise management and scientific and technological content have become the key factors determining the success or failure of enterprises. How to improve the employment mechanism

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