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How to realize anti explosion protection for glass curtain wall of high-rise building as a high-quality exterior enclosure outdoor decorative structure, glass curtain wall integrates building functions, building technology and art, marking the increasing trend of urban construction towards modernization, and also meeting people's demand for the function and art of the building itself. When glass curtain wall becomes the first choice of some important landmark buildings, It has gradually been regarded as the best target of attack by some outlaws

there are many explosions all the time around the world. In recent years, there have been more and more terrorist activities and explosive attacks endangering people's lives and property, and the power of explosions has gradually increased. Moreover, there are various forms of explosions. The most common criminals use cars or human bodies as bombs. Nowadays, terrorists often choose glass curtain walls with dense population, large public buildings, high cost and luxurious decoration as their targets of attack

as the peripheral structure of the whole building, the explosion resistance of glass curtain wall is directly related to the lifeline of the building. When the curtain wall glass encounters vibration, glass fragments will splash everywhere. To a large extent, people will die from this kind of high-speed splash and powerful fragments. If the glass can be intact when subjected to a strong impact, it will be difficult for the shock wave to pass through the glass and enter the room. In this way, people and property in the room can be protected from it. At the same time, things in the room can be prevented from falling downstairs and damaging people or buildings downstairs. Therefore, strengthening the anti explosion performance of glass curtain wall can well avoid casualties in the attack

with the rapid development of China's modern economy and the increasing improvement of people's living standards, domestic high-rise buildings have been born in people's sight one by one. People have higher and higher requirements for buildings. The glass curtain wall not only presents many advantages such as wind proof, rain proof, lighting and heat insulation, but also caters to people's picky eyes with its personality, beauty and visual impact. However, because the glass itself is easily broken, people have to consider many anti explosion factors during construction to ensure that the glass curtain wall can withstand various unknown attacks

2 common antiknock materials for glass curtain walls 2.1 tempered glass tempered glass is often widely used in high-rise buildings because of its high hardness and strength. Tempered glass is the product of rapid cooling after heating the float glass to a certain extent. Due to its rapid temperature change, the exterior solidifies rapidly when it is cooled, and the interior has no time to react, so it can only be cooled slowly. In this way, the stress generated on the glass surface improves the strength of the glass, which is generally 3 to 5 times higher than the mechanical strength of ordinary glass. The internal tensile stress improves the heat resistance and stability of the glass. In this way, the tempered glass can withstand external impact and temperature difference changes within a certain range, and will not splash wantonly when encountering excessive impact force, but will become a whole piece of glass like small honeycomb particles. Therefore, tempered glass not only has the advantages of high strength and high heat stability, but also has high safety performance

2.2 high strength monolithic fireproof glass is formed by calcining the float glass at high temperature and treating it with special chemicals, so that the metal sodium on the surface of the glass can be replaced for more than 20 hours and show higher impact strength than most other advanced engineering polymers. Since it is fire-proof glass, there is no doubt that it has a very good fire-proof effect. It can remain the same in the flame of up to 10000c for a long time. With the same thickness, the strength of high-strength monolithic fireproof glass is 6 to 12 times that of float glass. In case of explosion accident, it can prolong the time for people to leave the site in case of emergency, and also buy time for rescue work

2.3 anti bomb glass anti bomb glass is one of the safest functional glasses produced in China. It can effectively resist the shock wave generated by explosion, thermal shock wave generated by high-temperature flame and bullet shock wave. The anti explosion protection of glass curtain wall is mainly aimed at the rapid expansion shock wave and huge vibration generated by explosion. In order to resist the great power of bomb attack, the glass must withstand the destructive effects of various shock waves and debris attacks

2.4 safety explosion-proof glass film safety explosion-proof glass film can not only prevent glass fragments from splashing everywhere, but also prevent thieves from breaking glass into some important areas. 7. Needle valve oil filling Cup group protects artwork from damage. Considering the safety performance of bulletproof, anti-theft and explosion-proof glass, we can choose to check whether the digital circuit voltage is better for + 5V surface material to fundamentally solve this problem

2.5 curtain wall keel curtain wall keel generally selects steel with high strength to meet the peak pressure generated during explosion, and the steel surface shall be treated with fireproof materials. In this way, it can resist various high-strength explosion pressures

3 research on construction technology of anti explosion glass curtain wall 3.1 control of embedded parts the position of embedded parts should be strictly controlled because it plays a very important role in the subsequent construction of glass curtain wall. The anchor reinforcement of embedded parts shall not be placed in the protective layer, but shall be placed inside the main reinforcement, but shall not conflict with the main reinforcement. In addition, it should be noted that after the construction of the main body of the glass curtain wall, the embedded parts should be buried in the concrete and not exposed to the outside

3.2 control on fire prevention of glass curtain wall materials control on fire prevention of glass curtain wall materials. For a long time, the fire prevention problem of high-rise buildings has been concerned, especially the buildings made of glass curtain wall should pay more attention to fire prevention. Therefore, it is very necessary to use fire-proof materials in the construction process. For example, during the construction process, there may be a gap between the structural column and the curtain wall. In case of fire, the product difference reflects the enterprise's own manufacturing and management ability. In case of disaster, high-temperature gas is easy to enter and impact the entire glass curtain wall. Therefore, fireproof and thermal insulation materials meeting the requirements must be placed at this part to avoid the spread of fire

3.3 lightning protection control of glass curtain wall materials lightning protection control of glass curtain wall materials. The reason why lightning protection measures should be taken is that high-rise buildings are easy to be struck by lightning, resulting in safety accidents caused by falling off of glass curtain walls. Therefore, the subsequent construction of glass curtain wall should ensure that the main reinforcement of the building and the buried reinforcement of the foundation are connected with the embedded parts. If lightning strikes, the current can be quickly introduced into the ground to avoid accidents

3.4 on site construction of glass curtain wall unit on site construction of glass curtain wall unit. For on-site construction, the most important thing is to formulate a reasonable construction scheme and process monitoring management plan, do a good job in every detail, and make it clear to individuals, so as to ensure that there are no safety problems. For example, unqualified glass curtain wall units are not allowed to enter the construction site; The hoisting equipment on the construction site must be strictly inspected; The standard deviation of plates in the unit body should also be checked repeatedly to ensure that the deviation does not exceed the normal range, etc

4 specific anti explosion measures for glass curtain wall the design of anti explosion glass curtain wall is generally double-layer glass curtain wall, the outer layer is ordinary glass curtain wall, the inner layer is explosion-proof glass curtain wall, and the keels are square steel pipes, which are welded with each other to ensure that external temporary indoor personal property will not be damaged. During the construction, in addition to the installation of anti explosion glass, the anti explosion system of protective cable shall be installed, which can effectively prevent air waves from reaching the room, avoid indoor personnel from being injured, and ensure the safety of personal and property

according to the above description on the materials, construction and anti explosion measures of glass curtain walls, some relevant suggestions are put forward for the anti explosion protection of glass curtain walls of high-rise buildings in the future. It is expected that the future building glass curtain walls can play a role in protecting people's personal safety and property safety in a real sense

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