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Samsung smart lock p718, with four unlocking methods, fingerprint, magnetic card, password and emergency key, takes you away from the unlocking master

one day, a long time ago, it was sunny. I went downstairs to take out the garbage and went back to the door to touch my pocket. I didn't bring the key. Fortunately, I took my mobile phone. I whistled briskly and dialed the small advertisement number for unlocking the door, "master, please come to XXX to unlock"

in a moment, the master came. I smiled and asked "how much is unlocking"


"what? 200? It's so expensive?"

master's expressionless face "it's all this price"

I don't believe it! Call other unlocking companies, they are unified, 200, do not bargain

master's face "you can't open it, I'll leave if you don't open it"

seller's market! Yes

the master inserted a small iron object into the lock cylinder. In less than 10 seconds, the door opened

there are no two hundred! Heartache can't breathe, I swear! Swear never to forget the key

in the evening, there was a gecko at the girl's house opposite. I asked me to help catch it. I promised politely to catch the gecko and go home. I watched a gust of wind blow and the door closed

after howling and crying, I calmly picked up the phone, "master, can you come and unlock it? I'm the one who asked you to unlock it in the morning. Can I open it twice a day? Can it be cheaper?"

"no, 200"

that night, my heart ached so much that I couldn't sleep

later, the more I reminded myself to remember to bring the key, the more I forgot. Like being evil, I forgot the key for the third time, the fourth time... Until the seventh time

I'm familiar with the locksmith, but... He's still expressionless and won't bargain with me

at the seventh time, the master said that the lock was loose and unsafe, and asked me whether I should change the lock. There are 300 to 500 locks to change

I don't want to struggle "for the cheapest, 300"

"OK, 500 together"


"unlock 200"

I don't want to see the lock master again in my life

when I returned to my familiar home, with tears in my eyes, I flipped through the web page on the Internet and inadvertently found the Samsung smart lock p718. There are four ways to open the door, as well as functions such as going out prevention and fire sensing. It's just a little more expensive than ordinary door locks. Considering the wasted money I spent in the past six months, I bought it with tears in my eyes

a few months later, I met someone I didn't want to see in my life again. Fortunately, master came to unlock for others. When he saw me, his expressionless face finally changed, full of grievances and regrets, and asked, "why don't you find me to unlock?"

"because I changed into Samsung smart lock p718, which has four ways to unlock, fingerprint, magnetic card, password and emergency key. You don't need a key to open the door in the future!"

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