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O'sley is known as the creator of fashion wallcovering. Just like Coco Chanel once created the fashion kingdom for women, o'sley created the fashion of Wallcovering industry. What are the aspects of its fashion

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"one day, you will put down a little regret and regret and start a new life with love". This is the latest advertising slogan of DW (Daniel Wellington). DW has always advocated maintaining the simple style of products, presenting exquisite craftsmanship with simple lines, and letting the design speak for itself. It is also one of the most widely publicized and most valued watches by teenagers today. DW is so popular probably because it coincides with the concept of refinement, fashion and simplicity of young people today

now how can I get this watch? No 998, no 998, just buy osley wallcovering, DW gives it free

you may wonder why the wall cloth brand chooses fashion watches as gifts, because DW watch is a watch brand that is very suitable for young people to wear, and its brand positioning is consistent with the fashion young brand positioning of oshilai. Therefore, oshilai chose this watch as a gift for the event, hoping to implant its brand concept into everyone's heart. So what are you waiting for? If you also want to dress up a fashionable home, oshilai will be your best choice, because it is fashionable enough, tasteful enough, and a brand that young people with personality will like. If DW is the fashion darling of the wristwatch industry, osley is Hermes and Chenal of the wall decoration industry

creator of fashion wallcovering

Ou Lai is known as the creator of fashion wallcovering. Just like Coco Chanel once created the fashion kingdom of women, Ou Lai Shi created the fashion of Wallcovering industry. What are the aspects of its fashion? Why is it Hermes and Chenal of the wall decoration industry

1. Fashionable products

oshilai once integrated the design and matching elements of luxury goods such as Hermes and Chanel into the products, and created the products of oshilai that are positioned in fashion, simplicity and new young people through color matching. In addition to quoting fashionable design elements, the production process of oshilai wallcovering is complex, with 21 processes, and high-quality materials are carefully selected. The products will definitely stand the test of time. Therefore, it is herm è s and Chenal of the wall decoration industry. It is not only as fashionable as herm è s and Chenal in appearance, but also the same in craftsmanship. In addition, osley also integrates Monet's sunrise and water lilies into the process of wall covering. Of course, there are some other more gorgeous elements. Both the ordinary version and the designer version follow the trend of the times and are close to the preferences of young people

2. Young team

oshilai has always adhered to the slogan of "new fashion, Lai pilot", because oshilai has a young team, which is mainly composed of post-80s and post-90s talents, and post-85s employees account for more than 90% of the whole company. This young team can help dealers, bring fresh ideas and fresh blood, and help them face all kinds of youthful situations, Let them have more advantages to occupy the market

3. Personalized marketing

in terms of marketing, o'shilai also made great efforts and hired star Huang Shengyi as his spokesman. Huang Shengyi had a very famous film called "Kung Fu", which caused a great sensation in the film circle at that time, and the pure image of Huang Shengyi was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people in the film. Osley wallcovering is just like Huang Shengyi's "Kung Fu" in those days. It is simple but not simple, pure but charming. In the film, Huang Shengyi can't express in words, but he shows the most sincere emotion. Osley wallcovering is also silent, but we hope that consumers can interpret osley's understanding and cognition of fashion in the wallcovering. And "Kung Fu" is the memory of youth of the young generation, which is inevitably nostalgic and has deeper emotional identity. In order to meet the consumption needs of young people, osley also introduced cloud design for everyone to experience the real object, which is very considerate. In addition, Oxley has its own business school for regular study. You know, in the wall covering industry, there are not many enterprises with their own business schools. In this way, consumers don't have to worry that the clerk can't give a professional interpretation when buying

the above are all the considerate points of o'shelley. If you happen to see this article at this time and want to be a fashionable, young, professional and competitive brand, or you intend to join a wallpaper brand, then pick up your phone and call 4006620888 to 8224 for consultation. I'm sure you won't be disappointed

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