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With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people begin to pay attention to the decoration style of their bathrooms and the use grade of bathroom supplies when decorating

with the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people begin to pay attention to the decoration style of their bathrooms and the use grade of bathroom supplies when decorating. Due to a little lack of knowledge about bathroom products, many customers often find it difficult to buy desirable products in the process of purchase

then, how can we buy satisfactory sanitary ware

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the purchase of sanitary ware needs to be matched

in the actual purchase, consumers should pay attention to the matching and professionalism in the purchase of products, and avoid wasting time and resources due to waste, secondary purchase and so on. In this regard, customers should purchase according to the following order and relevant knowledge

toilet category

first of all, you should determine your purchase according to your actual situation and personal preferences, such as the choice of conjoined toilet or split toilet, extended toilet or ordinary toilet

secondly, you should confirm whether the drainage position of your toilet is discharged horizontally into the wall or downward into the ground, so as to facilitate your next choice. Among them:

1. When it is confirmed that the lower drainage toilet is needed:

at this time, the concept of wall distance must be clear. The so-called wall distance refers to the distance between the drainage center line of the ground (toilet) and the finished wall surface, not the distance between the center line of the lower water inlet of the toilet and the vertical line behind the water tank of the toilet

2. When it is confirmed that the horizontal drainage toilet is needed:

at this time, the concept of distance must be clearly defined. The so-called ground distance refers to the distance from the center line of the drainage outlet behind the toilet to the finished ground

finally, after choosing the toilet, be sure to purchase the water tank inlet pipe and angle valve used together with it

many customers often forget to buy supporting products and allow decorators to assemble by themselves. As a result, the corner valve often leaks and consumers suffer losses, so the supporting purchase of this product is very important

washbasin type

1. Purchase of washbasin body:

first, the specification and style of washbasin should be selected according to the actual area of your bathroom. If the area is small, you should generally choose column basin, because the use of column basin in small-area bathroom can enhance the ventilation feeling in the bathroom

if the area is large, you should choose various types of basins, because basins can enhance customers' sense of grade

secondly, because the production design of sanitary ware products is often serialized, when selecting the washbasin, it must belong to the same series as the toilet that has been selected, which can reflect the grade and distinctive characteristics of the products

2. Purchase of Basin Faucet:

faucet is the highlight of basin series consumption, and it brings consumers the most direct and frequent feeling in the whole process of use

the purchase of faucets should generally be based on the customer's personal preferences, consumption capacity, cost requirements and other factors, but in principle, it should be coordinated with the selected basin in terms of matching, style and grade, so as to reflect a harmonious aesthetic feeling and consumption level grade

in addition, don't forget the requirements for the valve core of the faucet when selecting the faucet, which is the key part of the faucet. Some faucets leak soon after installation and use, because the valve core is unqualified

the good valve core should be ceramic valve core, and the ceramic valve core originated from Germany is the best. Because it has the same hardness as diamond, it has the guarantee of lifelong non dripping

3. Purchase of relevant parts:

basin water return bend:

basin water return bend is a device used to treat basin water and isolate odor. When purchasing this product, you must pay attention to distinguish whether your water return bend is a ground return bend (s bend) or a wall return bend (P bend)

water supply pipe and angle valve of Basin Faucet:

its function and significance are the same as that of water tank inlet pipe and angle valve

bath category

for ordinary consumers, the purchase of bath category should be divided into the following two types: the purchase of bathtubs that can be installed:

1. The purchase of bathtubs:

bathtubs generally include two categories: skirt bathtubs and skirt free bathtubs. The specific choice is based on personal preferences

pay attention to the specific specifications of the product when buying a bathtub without skirt

when buying a bathtub with skirt, you should pay attention to the direction of the left and right skirt of the bathtub, that is, the position of the floor drain of the bathtub

when facing the wall against which the bathtub is installed, if the floor drain of the bathtub is on the left side of the person, the bathtub with skirt that needs to be purchased is the left skirt, otherwise it is the right skirt

2. Bathtub Faucet:

the choice of bathtub faucet is directly affected by the selected basin faucet, mainly in the model series

because leading products are generally produced by series, different series have different styles

secondly, there are two types of bathtub faucets: wall mounted and wall mounted. Wall mounted faucets are more suitable for household consumption

3. Accessories of bathtub:

like toilet and basin accessories, different bathtubs need different types of accessories and devices, and their role and significance cannot be ignored


1. Shower room and basin:

shower room series products are mainly divided into square and round products, and there are many specifications

in the purchase process, you need to choose and buy your favorite products according to the actual situation of your bathroom and personal consumption preferences

2. Shower Faucet:

shower faucet is the same as bathtub faucet. When purchasing, we should mainly pay attention to its matching harmony with other related products, so as to improve our consumption quality

the function of choosing and purchasing sanitary ware products comes first

people always think that the change of sanitary ware from the old-fashioned squatting toilet to the current spray siphon water-saving toilet is a change in price and style

therefore, some consumers regard style, appearance and price as the main elements of choosing sanitary ware, which undoubtedly ignores the use function of sanitary ware

in this regard, consumers should focus on understanding the characteristics of high-end sanitary ware, namely: complete sewage discharge, large scouring area, low noise, water saving, good surface, low water absorption

therefore, it is suggested that consumers should put the functional characteristics of the product in the first place when purchasing sanitary ware, rather than some small problems that do not affect normal use, such as invisible small spots





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